You need customer relationship management tools that help you both keep the customers you have and add new ones.

Customer are core of any business, by whom your business grow and now eGrapes provide the service around the world to serve them most satisfactorily with the help of CRM. CRM is a strategy in which our company managing a interaction with present and future customer, it involve using technology, organize, automate, marketing, customer service and technical support.

CRM is very essential for any business for long survive on market, if you communicate your customer timely and if you satisfied your customer requirment off course this help you get success. Forget your all worry eGrapes provide you the best CRM service which increase your customer as well as satisfaction also.

Our CRM service focus at:

  • Helping you lower your customer management cost by streamlining your data management process.
  • Improving profit through better customer management and by acquiring new business.
  • Integrating the entire sales process from lead generation to closing the deal.
  • Offering effective management service.
  • Helping in anticipating changing customer behavior.
  • Building brand value for your business.
  • Ensuring integration between different business units by facilitating two-way data sharing.


ERP system makes your business run faster.

eGrapes web solution is a IT leading company. We build flexible software with your business in mind. So ERP software is here for you to make your work simplest with effectiveness. eGrapes is one of the best ERP software provider in Indore. We make ERP in such a way that i have ability to control & manage organization’s growth.

Our ERP software include following product:

  • Financial management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resource management
  • Manufacturing resource planning
  • Supply management system

eGrapes make true ERP system, that make your business run faster. ERP system that integrated both internal & external information flows used by the organization. By adopting ERP software for your organization you have that following benefits that are as:

  • Management of information such as supplier, vendor, customer order, product record.
  • Automating business processes.
  • Management of customer and employee.
  • Tighter controls for financial report.
  • Using a single base of information.


The role of Human Resources Management (HRM) is to design, develop, and continually refine a comprehensive human resources management program.

Human Resources Management encompasses the following five areas: benefits, compensation, talent management, human resources information systems, and training and development.